Homemade bug spray

Hey ladies,I don’t know how to use this page yet…..lol.But here is a link to the bug spray recipe ya’ll are wanting.

She has many other recipes on here for natural ideas.I have used some of hers as well as other’s and tweaked them.She has done a lot of research and has some great ideas.I will share other links later.The recipe she has for roasted cabbage is great and easy!I also like her sun screen recipe although I changed it a bit.You will find many recipes out there with similar ingredients.

I used 20 drops of essential oil in clove,eucalyptus and peppermint.That is in an 8 oz spray bottle.I used an old spray bottle I had and just cleaned it out very well.

This has worked very well for me and mosquitos have been bad!I looooove the way mine smells and it won’t hurt me or my grandkids! 🙂


July 13,2013

Natural recipes coming soon!